Bespoke Jewelry

Our Services

Not only is the jewelry of “KOLYE” bespoke – so is our customer service! We love working with our clients to discuss your wishes and make your dream jewelry become a reality.


No enquiry is too big or too small. Whether you are looking for a necklace as a gift for yourself or a wedding ring for your special day, we can help. We strive for perfection and want to provide you with a memorable experience.

Jewelry to last

Creation and production of personalized fine jewelry in Italy & Switzerland, according to our clients’ wishes.

Ethical sourcing of gem stones of the exact colour, shape and quality to meet our clients’ requirements, by using our worldwide network of miners, gem cutters and jewelry crafters.

Production of wedding and engagement rings that are unique for your special day.

Breathing new life into old or vintage jewelry by using existing gem stones to create new, bespoke pieces to be cherished and loved once more.

Providing our clients with information about jewelry certificates, appraisals, jewelry insurance and transportation of precious goods.

Offering a range of jewelry for special occasions. For example for graduation ceremonies, providing beautiful gem stones to be awarded alongside the graduation certificate.

Sourcing rare, fine gem stones for investment, including rubies, spinels, alexandrites, tourmalines Paraiba, tsavorites and sapphires. These stones increase in value over time and are a pure piece of nature.

Your designs

Design Process

STEP 1)The starting point to any design is finding the perfect gemstones. Whether the client has something in mind already or asks us to recommend gemstones based on their favourite colours, stones or shape, deciding on the gemstones is the first step.


STEP 2) After the client is happy with the choice of gemstones, we get in touch with our contacts to source the stones. This is usually done directly at the mines, as it means we get a wider selection to choose from, and a better price. The stone mine contacts will be happy to try to supply both photographs and videos of the stones available. We then send the options to the client, and let them choose their desired stones.

It’s important that the gemstones are of the best cut, colour, clarity and quality as possible. Our stones are always completely natural and untreated.


STEP 3) After the client has chosen their stones, we begin to design the jewelry – all tailored to the client’s desires to make the piece unique. We are passionate about making every piece individual.


STEP 4) Once the design is completed, we contact our production team in Switzerland or Italy and collaborate with them to create the final, 3D design, and confirm the production costs. After all of this is confirmed and approved, we begin making the piece of jewelry.

The most special part of this whole process is that the client is involved from start to finish, completely immersed in the whole experience.


This blue beauty is a cornflower blue sapphire, which was found during Ekaterina’s trip to the inspiring gemstone mines in Sri Lanka last spring. The sapphire seamlessly pairs with small, 1.2 mm blue sapphires, demantoids (from a famous mine in the Ural Mountains, in Russia) and ever-elegant diamonds.

A client came to us with this ring, which she wanted to change. It was originally a simple, large pearl, but she wanted to enhance the design and make it look truly unique. Together with the client, we came up with the design and chose to surround this magnificent pearl with small, yellow diamonds and pear-shaped multi-coloured sapphires to create a completely bespoke piece of jewelry.

This exceptional ring is 12ct mint tourmaline in a perfect-cut, which shows the true beauty of the stone. The mint tourmaline is combined with two pink tourmalines, which are cut into an elegant pear-shape. There are also exquisite diamonds set into the prongs and the ring band itself. This unique colour combination of green and pink looks fresh, different, and exclusive.

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