Bespoke Jewelry

Our Story

Ekaterina is the founder of KOLYE. Born in Russia, she grew up playing the piano and ballroom-dancing. This talent provided her with links to beauty, elegance and aesthetics from a young age, which later influenced her to pursue an international career as a fashion model.


Aside from modelling and a love of music and dancing, Ekaterina lived in Japan and the USA for several years, and completed an MBA at ETH University in Zurich and a gemmology degree from the Gemmological Institute of America. Her academic background and experience has provided her with the core skills needed to steer KOLYE in the right direction. As a board member of the Swiss Gemological Association, she stays at the forefront of the industry, ensuring that she is up-to-date with the latest developments, and this, in turn, gives KOLYE access to closed circles of exclusive experts.


Ekaterina is passionate about KOLYE and the high-quality, unique pieces she produces. Having spent years working for well-known jewelry brands such as Gübelin, Harry Winston and gem stone dealers, she has extensive experience in the highest-quality jewelry-making and gemstone trading. Thanks to this background, creating KOLYE was the perfect opportunity to work with the worldwide network of contacts she had previously met. This means she is able to choose only the best stone mines and jewelry crafters to make the most exclusive, bespoke jewelry for KOLYE.

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Uniquely crafted

Inspired Jewelry

KOLYE jewelry is produced in Valenza, Italy and Geneva, Switzerland – both known for traditional jewelry manufacturing and quality craftsmanship. This ensures you are investing in a high value piece of jewelry.


KOLYE jewelry is all about unique, individual pieces. Unlike many brands, we don’t mass-produce our jewelry and we never use mass-market stones. This means every piece is completely bespoke.


You can invest in our jewelry knowing that you will be purchasing a unique product. From necklaces and bracelets to high-end engagement rings and graduation gifts, we can produce the bespoke jewelry you are looking for.

Earrings in 18K white gold with opals surrounded by multi-colored sapphires, demantoids & diamonds
    We believe that jewelry should be unique and empowering… And that is exactly what “KOLYE” is.